We are the Jaybots.

A diverse & friendly FTC robotics team looking to have fun and innovate together! Meetings every Friday starting in September.

Engineering, Learned Right.

Learn all about the engineering workflow in a fun & supportive environment.

1. Brainstorm

As soon as the game theme and rules are announced in September, we get to work brainstorming ideas for our robot.

2. Prototype

After discussing our best ideas on how to address the game challenge, we test the efficiency of each design by prototyping.

3. Improve

Taking what we learned from each prototype, we cycle back through the engineering workflow to create the best robot possible.

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Improving through robotics

Say Hello to FIRST

FIRST Tech Challenge teams are challenged to design, build, program, and operate robots to compete in a challenge that changes theme every year.

  • Scholarships
  • Hands-on Learning
  • Teamwork
  • Exposure to mentors
  • Gracious professionalism
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"Competition for the sake not of destroying one another, but for the sake of bettering and improving both competitors as a result of the competition.
— Woodie Flowers - MIT Professor & FIRST Advisor

There will always be a place for you at robotics.

We want our club to be a diverse environment where everyone has a role in the club that they are passionate about.

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Nuts, bolts, gears, and brackets

Quite literally, there would be no robot without the builders. Builders are in charge of creating the body of the robot. They design and innovate to create components that interact with game elements and score points. Builders use CAD, 3d printing, and various parts from robotics companies to design the robot.

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Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V

The absence of coders would not be as noticeable as the absence of builders. There would be a robot, except it wouldn’t do anything. While the Builders do the building, the Coders are hard at work coding the robot to score points. The coders write code in Java and also use various tools like Git, Github, and Android Studio!

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If a robotics team builds a robot and nobody documents it, did they really build the robot? Documentation records the team's hard work, mistakes and improvements. It is important for the team in the engineering workflow and to show judges in competitions. We record everything in our documentation from Outreach events to our meetings.

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Give and receive STEM!

An important part of FIRST is spreading STEM in the community. Outreaching involves arranging events like camps for middle schoolers, presentations to other clubs, and robot demonstrations. It also involves meeting with professors from colleges and universities (like Johns Hopkins) to talk about robotics!

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Carve out your niche.

We do our best to avoid lumping people into general roles. Our goal for the club is for everyone to fill a unique role in the club that they are proud of and good at. Members of the club all shoulder a mixture of different technical responsibilities and social niches that make the club a fun and interesting environment.

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Everyone has something they can learn at robotics.

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Join the team! The fun never ends :)

. For Dreamers

For those with big dreams, this club is a place for you to grow to become people who can achieve those dreams. For those without, this club is a place for you to be inspired by your teammates to dream big.

. For Creators

Our club is an incubator for the next generation of problem solvers. For the people who wish to change the world through engineering, this is the environment for you to learn how to create your dream.

. For Thinkers

The club is made of problem solvers and thinkers. In order to realize our goals, we collaborate to design and brainstorm. Members learn to think clearly in high-stress competition environments, slow night meetings, and everything in between.

Our Nerdy Interesting Officers

Come meet the officers that help make robotics amazing! Learn about all of members on our Meet The Team page.

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Team member 02


VP & Build Leader
Team member 03


Secretary &
Outreach Coordinator
Team member 04


Team member 05

Mr. Amodio

Mentor & Coach
Team member 06

Ms. Wells

Mentor & Coach
Team member 07


Programming Leader
Team member 08


CAD Leader
Team member 09


Media Manager
Team member 10


Fundraising Manager &
Graphics Team Leader
Team member 11


Documentation Manager
Team member 12


Equipment Manager
Team member 13


Game Master

Our Journey

We’re a relatively new team, having only been officially registered for 2 years. Despite this, we’ve done a lot and made a lot of memories.

The Origin

Founding of the Jaybots

Mr. Amodio founded the robotics team in John Jay in the Spring of the 2018-2019 school year. We did not officially register as a team, but built a robot and participated in a scrimmage where we made it to the finals.

How it started

First competitive season

The Jaybots registered as a team in the FIRST tech challenge. We built up our skills and team dynamic during the Skystone game. We managed to win 3 awards and gained a lot of experience.

How it’s going

Second competitive season

Despite this being only the second year as an official FIRST tech challenge team, we pushed through the COVID-19 pandemic to win 9 awards in competition and advanced to the regional championship.

Let’s see how this goes

Third competitive season

We are aiming to make it to the world championships this year. Join us if you want to be part of our journey!

We have a positive impact.

The robotics club has a unique and positive impact on its members and on the rest of the school.

Testimonial 01
— At first, when I joined the Jaybots I was quite hesitant to participate but after the first few in-person meetings with the team, I realized how dedicated, passionate, and genuinely welcoming they were. Joining the Jaybots was a great decision as I made tons of friends and met like minded people in my first year of High School.
Testimonial 02
— My 3 years at FIRST have not only taught me necessary skills in building a robot such as the Engineering process, CADing and the Engineering Notebook, but also allowed me to have fun with new friends and call this team my second family.
Testimonial 03
— I've been blown away by the time and effort the Jaybots put into their robots. They're part of a passionate team with interesting and accepting people -- a great club for anyone interested in various aspects of technology, from designing, coding and building, to leadership, social media, teaching, communications, and much more.

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